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High Speed Wireless Internet Access

Wireless internet access uses 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz radio signals to provide your connection to the internet rather than a phone line.  This bypasses all the problems associated with using a voice grade phone line and modem. Our connections do not use your phone line so you can drop that extra line and save $30+/month to the phone company.  Speed/monthly pricing is:

  • 2M  $34.95/month

  • 3M $39.95/month

  • 4M $44.95/month *

  • 6M $54.95/month *

*  The 4M and 6M speeds are only available in some locations and require a better signal to one of our towers. 

 The range on 2.4ghz signals is limited to line of sight.  This means the antennas at each end of the link have to be able to see each other with virtually nothing in the way.  Unfortunately even trees block the signal.  This means that the service will not be available everywhere.

Where is wireless available?

The areas Redbird is currently able to reach is the "in town" Mt. Gilead, Edison, Williamsport and north of Williamsport, and a 4 block radius around downtown Cardington.  West of Edison all the way to the county line is possible as long as there is a clear line of sight to your east. 

If you live more than a few blocks of those area's then service may be available if clear line of site can be established (ie no trees or buildings in the way).    Obstructions such as trees, hills, and buildings will block the signal and or limit distances severely.  We are adding area's all the time so call to see if we can cover your location. 

What about installation fees?

Install cost is typically no more than $75

What about discounts?

Discounts for paying ahead are available for wireless accounts.   Advanced payment discounts are:

  • $1 off /month for 3 months.

  • $2 off/month for 6 months

  • $3 off/month for 12 months

To receive the discounted rate, payment must be received on time or must include any overdue amounts at the non discounted rate.

For more information of to get service:

 If you would like to try wireless please send an email to or call 419-947-9668. 




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