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Morrow County's

Internet Service Provider



Web Services

Web page design/maintenance

Redbird can design and maintain your web pages for you at minimal cost and hassle to you. Prices start at $5/page including up to 2 picture scans. Additional scans are $1 each. Please call us for more detailed quotes to match your specific needs.

Web page storage/hosting

All accounts come with 25meg of web/ftp storage space. Additional space can be purchased for $1/meg/month.

Web page only account

This account is designed for those who do not need internet access but want to publish web pages. This account offers no dialup access. Web pages must either be uploaded using another existing account, or be uploaded by Redbird. There is a $5 initial setup fee then $9/month for first 20meg of web page space. $1/month/meg for additional storage space.

Domain name hosting

. With domain name hosting your web pages will appear as rather than Email names will be rather than . The cost of this service can be broken down into 3 parts.

1. domain name registration fee $15/year
2. one time setup fees to Redbird $20
3. monthly fees to Redbird $20/month



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