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Configure spam settings for your Redbird email account

The spam filter on the email server is constantly changing based on conditions and complaints.  If what you consider to be good mail is accidently being rejected at the default reject settings, either the sending mail server is not properly configured for the email address/domain the sender is using, or the mail server they are using has received numerous complaints for having sent junk mail.  In either case the root cause of the issue is on the senders end, not the redbird mail server end.  If I loosen the filter for everyone to allow these messages in I will also be allowing in an additional 10 to 20 thousand junk mail messages a day.  The sender should ask  the person running the mail server they are sending mail with to check that it is not on any black lists (sometimes called RBL’s) and that the DNS, Reverse DNS and other typical mail server settings for the mail server are configured properly for the domain name of their email address.  If there is a mismatch in names, dns settings (or any of those are missing) then  their mail will rate higher on the spam scale and may possibly no get delivered.   Too many isp’s don’t configure their mail servers properly and it leaves other isp’s with the choice of  inadvertently blocking their mail, or having to allow in a torrent of junk mail just to get it. 

If you want to override the spam filter and allow in more mail for just your account you can do that.  You have complete control over these settings by logging in to the server.  Below is a quick synopsis of the major settings you would be interested in.

 How to adjust your redbird email account spam settings

 From the webpage  click the link that says “Email account/spam settings”

 Log in with your redbird username and password.

 Here are some things you can do to make sure you get your mail if the spam filter is inadvertently blocking it.

 1.   Allow specific email address (bypasses the spam filter) to make sure you get specific email addresses.

a. Click the FILTERING button

b.  set the first entry to “From”

c.  To the far right type in the email address you want to allow.

d.  To the lower left of the gray area put a dot in the circle next to “Accept”

e.  To the far right of that click the “Add” button.

f.  Repeat steps b through e for each email address you want to add.

 2.  Adjust your overall spam threshold.

a.  Click the SPAM button

b.  Select a new Reject rating.   Higher numbers allow more mail through.  Lower numbers block more mail.  The default is 8

c.  Click the “Save” Button to save your changes.

 3.  Friends System – The friends system builds a list of email addresses of people you know.   You can pick what happens to the mail if they are not on your list. 

a.  KIDS SAFE MODE – in this mode if they are on your friends list you get it.  If            they are not on your list it is rejected.

b.  REQUEST CONFIRMATION FROM UNKNOWN ADDRESSES – in this mode if they are on your list you get it.  If they are not on your list then the message is moved to PENDING for up to 2 weeks and a confirmation request email is sent to the sender. .  If it remains in pending at the end of two weeks it is deleted.  The sender can reply to the confirmation request to be added to your list and the pending email will be released.  Alternately you can go to the friends page and click pending to see what is in there.  If you select a message and click allow you will get the message and the sender will be added to your friends list. 




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