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Redbird PC Sales

 Your source for computer parts in Morrow County


Redbird is your source for computer parts.  We also custom build computers to your specifications, upgrade older computers, or let us recommend a system based on your needs. 

Virus removal is typically  $40 for up to 2 hours of scanning.  If the virus can not be removed in a reasonable amount of time we can reload windows on your computer instead or switch to the default hourly rate

Reloading Windows is done at a flat rate of $50.  This includes formatting the hard drive, reloading windows, and applying microsoft windows updates.    The windows reload fee does not include saving your personal files. Any computer that is reloaded will not have your personal files saved unless you request your files be saved. Backing up and restoring your personal files is an additional $20.  IF we save your files every effort will be made to save and restore your files but be aware that there are circumstances that may prevent recovery of your files. It is recommended that you back up critical files yourself on a routine basis

Computers not picked up within 15 days of repair will incur a $20 storage fee.

Computers not picked up within 30 days of repair will be considered abandoned unless prior arrangements have been made.

General Hourly rate is $40/hour. 

Redbird does NOT refer customers to other computer repair places. We do not want to be responsible if other repair places do not do a good job for you so although we may tell you of some other options when our repair bench is full, we do not recommend or specifically endorse any of them.  It has come to our attention that one individual in Mount Gilead is telling people that Redbird is recommending customers use him for computer repair when we do not have time.  That is NOT the case. 

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