You must use an FTP program to upload files to your web space on the Redbird web server. The recommended FTP program is WS_FTP. Another is CUTE_FTP. For Mac use FETCH FTP. Go to the download page if you need the ftp software.

  1. Make sure you are dialed in to the Redbird server. You must have a connection made to be able to transfer any files.

  2. Start your FTP program and open a connection to WWW.REDBIRD.NET using your username and password. Make sure the log in as annonomous check box is NOT checked.

  3. Once logged in you will have two windows. The window on the left displays files on your computer. The window on the right displays files on the Redbird server in your directory. Any files you upload to this directory will be available on the web.

  4. In the window on the left (your computer), single click the files that you want to transfer. Once you have highlighted the files that you want to transfer, click on the arrow pointing to the right. The files will then transfer to the web server directory.

  5. Once the files are transfered, they are immediately available on the web. To access your web pages, open up your web browser (ie netscape or internet explorer).

  6. Your web page address is http://www.redbird.net/YOUR_USERNAME. If you type that address in (substituting your username for the YOUR_USERNAME) it will bring up your default web page. Your default web page MUST be named "default.htm" or you will get an error message when you try to access it. If you named your web page something else it can be accessed with the address http://www.redbird.com/YOUR_USERNAME/filename.