Slipstream Dial up Accelerator is now available

Want to speed up your dial up connection?  Try Slipstream dial up accelerator

Slipstream software speeds up your internet browsing 3 or more times normal speed.  Most users will find that their web surfing experience is significantly enhanced by the addition of this software to their PC.

A small applet is downloaded from our web site to your PC. Once you have installed the applet, your PC's performance will gradually improve as you surf the Internet

How does Slipstream work?

No it's not magic.  Slipstream uses state of the art compression techniques, content caching, pop up blocking, and other tricks to speed up your web browsing experience.  It really works.  A standard dial up account can effectively approach broadband speeds using this software.  If you have an older computer, Slipstream may not work well for you because the time it takes to decompress the files may cancel out the benefits of the compression.  We therefore recommend that you have at least a 500mhz machine to use Slipstream.  Computers loaded down with too many programs and or viruses or spyware can cause slipstream not to work even on much faster computers.  It is a good idea to clean up spyware and virus issues before loading slipstream.

How much will this cost?

Slipstream is currently being offered at a reduced rate of $2/month for Redbird's dial up customers.

How do I sign up for Slipstream?

It's easy.  Click the below link and fill out the form to get started.  After you fill out the form, you will receive a username and password and instructions on where to download the software.   You will be given a Free 15 day trial.  If you already have a slipstream account, please do not fill out the form again.

Click here to sign up for Slipstream

Redbird dial up customers must use their redbird email address when filling out the form to get the discounted rate.  After filling out the form, check your email for the download link and username and password to make the software work. 

Click here for help and FAQ's on Slipstream