Windows XP Internet Connection Wizard

Click START then click on Internet Explorer.  If this is the first time the program has been run it will automatically enter the wizard.  If this does not happen skip to the next step.  Put a dot in "Run New Connection Wizard so I can select another connection method" and then click OK.  The connection wizard should now be open.

If the connection wizard did not open on in the previous step you may have to click on "work offline".  Then go to the TOOLS menu and click on Internet Options.   Click on the Connections tab and then click on the Setup button to enter the connection wizard.

Once the wizard is open, click NEXT.

Put a dot in "Connect to the internet" and click Next.

Put a dot in "Set up my connection manually" and click Next.

Put a dot in "Connect using a dial up modem" and click Next.

Type in Redbird as the ISP name and click Next.

Enter the phone number from your user sheet and click Next.

Type in your username and password (case sensitive) from your user sheet.  You will have to type your password twice.  Leave all three check boxes checked and click Next then Finish.

Exit and re-open internet explorer.  If the dialing program opens up  to dial then your setup is done. If the dialing program did not open up click the TOOLS menu then Internet Options then the Connections tab and make sure the circle labeled "always dial my default connection" is dotted. click OK to save the change.