Windows NT 4.0 setup information


From the wnidows NT desktop double click on the "My Computer" icon then click on the "Dial up Networking" icon.

If a remote access setup message appears telling you "there are no RAS capable devices" then click YES then click NEXT to allow it to find your modem. Click FINISH once your modem is installed. If you have trouble installing the modem consult the documentation that came with your modem.

If you receive a message stating that there is no phonebook entry. Click OK to add an entry. Name the entry Redbird then click NEXT.

If you did not get the above message you will get a "dial up Networking" window that will show what phone book entries are currently defined. Click the ADD button to make an entry for Redbird.

Put a check in the box for "I am calling the internet" then click NEXT.

Put in the one of Redbird's dial in phone numbers (located on your user information sheet) then click NEXT.

Click Finish to complete the phonebook entry.

Click on DIAL when you are ready to make a connection.

Enter you username and password (from your user information sheet) and leave the domain field blank. Also check the "save password" box i you don't want to type the password in every time. Then click OK. The computer will now dial up to Redbird and establish a connection.

Once the connection is established you should be able to access the internet with your browser or email program. When youre ready to disconnect you can either shut the comupter down or click on the dial up networking icon in the task bar and tell wnidowsNT to hang up the connection.

To dial up again go to MY COMPUTER then to the DIAL UP NETWOKING icon, make sure the Redbird phone book entry is selected then click DIAL