Windows 8 Dial up Instructions

Open Control Panel Select Network and Sharing Center and select Set up a New Connection or Network Select Set Up a Dial-up Connection If a modem is not detected then try Set up a connection anyway In the dialogue box that appears enter the connection details:

  1. Dial-up phone number: enter 4199476707
  2. User name: (enter your username)
  3. Password: (enter your password)
  4. Remember This Password: check this box
  5. Connection name: The default name is Dial-up Connection, but you can identify it as Redbird or any other name that you want instead.
  6. Allow other people to use this connection: check this if you want other users of your computer who have their own accounts on your PC to have access to the dial-up connection.
  7. Click Connect to dial the connection.

Open your web browser and it should now load your home page, indicating that you are connected to the internet.