Windows 95/98 manual setup information


This is an alternate way to set up your dialer program if you don't want to use the connection wizzard program. 

Windows95 networking drivers must be installed first. This step may require you to insert your windows95 cd. From the desktop hit START then SETTINGS then CONTROL PANEL then double click the icon labeled NETWORK. With the CONFIGURATION tab selected you will see what windows95 networking software is already loaded. You need at a minimum the following 3 items loaded: CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS, DIAL UP ADAPTER, TCP/IP

If you need to load CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS hit the ADD button then select CLIENT then on the left side select MICROSOFT and on the right select CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS and then hit OK. If it asks you to select a network adapter select MICROSOFT on the left and DIAL UP ADAPTER on the right then hit OK.

If you need to load DIAL UP ADAPTER hit the ADD button then select ADAPTER then on the left side select MICROSOFT and on the right select DIAL UP ADAPTER then press OK

If you need to add TCP/IP hit the add button then select PROTOCOL then on the left select MICROSOFT and on the right select TCP/IP and hit OK.

With the Configuration tab still selected, double click on the TCP/IP. IP address should be set to the default of OBTAIN IP ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY.DNS CONFIGURATION should be set to DISABLE DNS. WINS CONFIGURATION should be set to DISABLE WINS. No GATEWAYS should be set. Then click OK. The PRIMARY NETWORK LOGON should be set to WINDOWS LOGON. Now select the IDENTIFICATION tab. The COMPUTER NAME and the WORKGROUP must be filled in. Put your username as the computer name and put something else for the workgroup name.  Now click OK. Windows may load some software at this point. It may ask you to insert your windows95 disk. If you changed any settings it will also ask you to reboot your computer.

Finally we will setup the Dial Up connection. Hit START then PROGRAMS the ACCESSORIES then DIAL UP NETWORKING. If it is not there you need to load it.

If needed:  To load Dial UP NETWORKING hit START then SETTINGS then CONTROL PANEL then double click on ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS icon. Select the Windows Setup tab.Double click on Communications and make sure there is a check mark by Dial up adapter then click OK twice. Windows will load the software and may ask you for the windows disk and to reboot.

Once you are in the DIAL UP NETWORKING screen, select MAKE NEW CONNECTION. If this is the first time you have run dial up networking it will do this automatically. Hit NEXT and then type in a name for the connection (such as "Redbird Internet". Then select your modem. If your modem is not installed you must first install your modem per your modem manufacturers instructions.Click NEXT and type in the phone number on your setup sheet. Click NEXT then click FINISH. Wait a few seconds and an icon for your new connection should appear. Right click on this icon and select PROPERTIES from the menu that pops up. Uncheck the box labeled "use country code and area code" or "use area code and dialing properties".  Type in the area code with the phone number all in the phone number field.  Click on SERVER TYPE and remove the checkmark next to LOG ON TO NETWORK. Now click OK twice and you should be back to the dial up networking window. Right click on your connection again this time select CREATE SHORTCUT from the popup menu. A  message will come up that says you can not create a shortcut here, do you want to put it on the desktop instead?.  Click on YES.