Windows 95 Internet Connection Wizard


The Internet Connection Wizard can sometimes be started with an icon on the desktop called "connect to the internet" or can be accessed through the START menu. To access it from the start menu go to "START" then to "PROGRAMS" then to "ACCESSORIES" then "INTERNET TOOLS" then to "GET ON THE INTERNET"

Once the wizard opens, you will need to click NEXT to continue.

Click on MANUAL then click on NEXT.

Click on NEXT at the Welcome screen.

Click on "CONNECT USING MY PHONE LINE" then click on NEXT.

Click on "YES" to "Do you want to use Windows Messaging to send and receive mail" then click NEXT.

Click on NEXT to begin copying and windows files from your windows cd that may need to be loaded.

Type in Redbird as the name of your internet service provider and then click NEXT.

Type in the phone number from your user sheet and click NEXT.

Type in your username and password from your user sheet then click NEXT.

Click on "My internet service provider automatically assigns me one" then click NEXT.

Leave the DNS Server entries blank and click NEXT then say YES to the warning.

Type in your email address from your user sheet and then type in for the internet mail server then click NEXT.

Click NEXT at the profile window then click FINISH. 

Double click on My Computer then double click on Dial up Networking

Right click on your connection icon and then click on Properties

Uncheck the box for use area code and dialing properties

Type the area code 419 in the box  with the phone number to dial to Redbird then click OK.

Exit any other windows that are open.