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This sciprt is used to create a counter on your web page. It will count the number of hits (accesses) to your page. Look at the counter above this paragraph to see an example. Below is the the code that was used to create the counter on this page.

<img src="/scripts/counter.exe?link=


You can cut and paste this code into your HTML file but you will need to change the URL from "YOUR_PAGE_URL" to the URL of your page.

There are many styles of digits that can be used. The example here uses the odometer style. This can be changed to any one of the following styles:

Style Name Example
led led.gif (381 bytes)
odometer odometer.gif (2692 bytes)
lcd lcd.gif (292 bytes)
speckled speckled.gif (3105 bytes)
noisy noisy.gif (2842 bytes)
cyan cyan.gif (2787 bytes)
eggs eggs.gif (2287 bytes)
halloween halloween.gif (1961 bytes)
curly curly.gif (1487 bytes)
timex timex.gif (1401 bytes)
red red.gif (1797 bytes)
orange orange.gif (2055 bytes)
chalk chalk.gif (1041 bytes)
scoreboard scoreboard.gif (348 bytes)
neat neat.gif (955 bytes)
beach beach.gif (1178 bytes)
electric electric.gif (1184 bytes)
fancy fancy.gif (1188 bytes)
frozen frozen.gif (1272 bytes)
handwriting handwriting.gif (1109 bytes)
oldstyle oldstyle.gif (1072 bytes)
sf sf.gif (1103 bytes)

You can also specify the number of digits to use by default using the width statement. You can specify 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9 digits. An example with width=9 is

<img src="/scripts/counter.exe?link=YOUR_PAGE_URL&style=