Email setup instructions for Netscape 4.6 or 4.7

  1. Click on the EDIT menu then click on PREFERENCES

  2. In the Category window click the plus sign in the box next to "Mail and Newsgroups"

  3. In the Category window click on IDENTITY  then to the right enter your name and email address

  4. In the Category window click on MAIL SERVERS then to the right enter as the outgoing mail server, and your username as the outgoing mail server username.

  5. If there are any incoming mail servers listed in the window it is recommended you highlight them by clicking on them and then click delete (do this for each incoming mail server listed)  If there are no incoming mail servers listed, skip this step

  6. Click ADD.  Type in for the server name.  Set the server type to POP3, enter your username, and check the box for Remember Password. Click OK to exit the mail server window, then click OK to exit the Preferences window.  

  7. Netscape is now ready to retrieve your email.  Make sure your online and try and retrieve your email.  Netscape will prompt you for your password on the first attempt to retrieve your email but should save the password from that point on