Eudora light is a shareware program. Eudora Pro is the full featured version you get when you register it with Eudora. If you do not have Eudora, go to the download page.

  1. Start up Eudora.

  2. Click on Tools then Options (Older versions of eudora you must click on special then settings)

  3. In the Catagory window, make sure Getting Started is highlighted. If it is not highlighted, click on it. If you can not see Getting Started in the Catagory window, move the slidebar for the window all the way to the top.

  4. Enter your mail address in the POP account field. This is "".

  5. Enter your name in the Real name field.

  6. Make sure "winsock (Network, PPP, SLIP)" is checked.

  7. Click on Hosts in the catagory window.

  8. Enter "" in the SMTP field.

  9. Click on checking mail.

  10. Check the save password box if you do not want to type in your password every time.

  11. Click on OK to complete the setup.